Application information
The new "TWIN-SPRING" Extra Stroke HOLE-O MAGICTMwas developed for those intallations where existing fixture structure will not permit mounting a regular HOLE-O-MAGICTM Master Assembly

close enough to penetrate the work piece with its normal 1/2 to 5/8 forward stroke.

 CAUTION: The New "TWIN SPRING" Extra Stroke HOLE-O-MAGICTM is not designed for making deep holes in thick sections of fiberglass. The optimum thickness is approximately 1/8" but reasonable, additional material may be penetrated depending on the diameter of the cutter head.

The same speed and feed recommendations apply to the new "TWIN-SPRING" Extra care by the operator is a must when activation the HOLE-O-MAGICTM  Hex Nut with the DRIVER COUPLER and a positive contact is made almost parallet to the shank axis with even down pressure to prevent undue shank wear.

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Last Update April 30, 2002