Application information
The Glass-Cut Drill is designed to replace existing regular Carbide tipped twist drills. The Body construction of these Glass-Cut drills are high precision N.C. quality. The cutting edge geometry has been designed to effciently cut Fiber Reinforced Plastics and allow for rapid penetration. Most carbide tipped fluted twist drills are designed to cut Cast Iron. To effciently cut Cast Iron the material at the cutting edge must be raised in temperature to approximately 700 degrees. This is accomplished by making the cutting edge less efficient. By creating a clean cutting edge is not generated and the Fiber Reinforced composites whichwould burn at Cast Iron temperatures can be cut freely. The replacement of Cast Iron tooling with Glass-Cut Drills can be done without any change in machine speed/feed settings. For improved output we recommend first increasing the feed rate up to 4 times faster. Gradual increases in speed are also recommended. For truly high speed cutting our Hole-O-Magic and Wonderdrill tools are unsurpassed in clean, efficient, very productive Cutting.

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Last Update April 30, 2002